Kostenlose FoW V4 Regelbücher

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Kostenlose FoW V4 Regelbücher

Beitragvon S(ka)ven » Di 21. Mär 2017, 07:51

Moin moin,

da das Atlantis ja keine FoW Sachen mehr führt und der Tabletopshop dicht macht/gemacht hat, würde es mich mal interessieren, wie ihr das so mit euren kostenlosen V4 Regelbüchern macht?

Kennt jemand nen Shop in Hamburg der Bücher geordert hat?

Oder schickt ihr Emails an Battlefront?

Hier der Link, falls es jemand bisher übersehen hat.

Free Books

This leads into a question that has come up again; how and when you can get the free books. Although we have just had a great launch weekend, in which we hoped as many people as possible would go into their store, the free copies of the books are with stores until they hand them all out. As long as your local store still has copies left, you can go in and collect yours – so please check with them directly. If they run out or you can’t visit a store, drop us a line (customerservice@battlefront.co.nz), as we have books set aside for this very reason. But no matter how you do it, this offer was never just for the launch weekend, but until all the copies have been handed out.
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Re: Kostenlose FoW V4 Regelbücher

Beitragvon borginvader » Di 21. Mär 2017, 08:14

Hier läuft es für Clubmitglieder über meinen Shop ;)
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Re: Kostenlose FoW V4 Regelbücher

Beitragvon Andre J » Di 21. Mär 2017, 09:09

Ich habe meins schon ;)
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